Tax Law



Navigating the tax code can be quite tricky. It can change every year and there are a lot of companies to choose from out there that can assist you in filing your tax return, whether it be your individual return or one for your business. Our attorneys and CPA have extensive knowledge, have been preparing tax returns for over 30 years and specialize in this complex and technical field of law. It is because of this knowledge and experience that we are able to offer a complete picture for your individual, estate and business returns. We also help with IRS disputes and are capable of representing you in tax court if need be. This complete picture enables us to provide guidance on how best to maximize your refund and take advantage of the latest tax credits and deductions that may have just begun that year!

Many tax preparation companies hire employees on a temporary basis, give them a few weeks of training, and send them out to prepare tax returns. This limits the chances of you getting someone with years of experience and often you pay the same if not more than if you had an attorney or CPA prepare your return. So put our expertise to work for you and regardless of what situation you find yourself in with the IRS or your taxes, we are here to help. We can develop a plan of action that is specific for your situation and implement it. Click Here to get started.