Guardianship & Conservatorship Law

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What is a guardianship or conservatorship about?

A guardianship is a court supervised legal relationship that is set up for the benefit and/or protection of another (or "Ward"). Often these are used by aging parents who have a child who is mentally or physically incapacitated and will need help.  There are several types of guardianships, these include: (1) a limited guardianship where the ward is capable of making some decisions but not others, (2) a co-guardianship where two guardians are appointed to protect the best interests of the ward, (3) a guardian of property which is a guardian tasked to manage money and/or care for a ward and (4) guardian ad litem which is a guardian to protect and manage the interests of a ward in any legal proceedings that may affect them. 

A conservatorship is similar to a guardianship, but it is someone who has court authority and responsibility to manage another adult's finances, property, etc. This is very important to have in place if you have a loved one who may suffer from advanced alzheimers or other serious debilitating diseases and injuries. 

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