Estate Planning & Administration

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Where will my stuff go?

Estate planning has many dimensions that we can assist you with and include drafting of : Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys & Advance Medical Directives. 

Proper planning is essential to ensure proper distribution of assets according to your wishes. Our estate planning attorneys will help evaluate assets, create a plan to minimize estate taxes and ensure proper disbursement at the appropriate time.

A big concern in any estate plan is the tax consequences. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in federal and state tax law. We also employ an in-house CPA who may work in unison with our attorneys to fine tune and maximize an estate plan if needed. 

Having an estate plan in place is crucial to ensure not only that your assets are handled and passed as you wish, but should also encompass key guidance on such issues as who would look after and care for your children if you passed, can probate and it's accompaning hassels and cost be avoided, etc. To eliminate confusion and best protect and care for your loved ones an estate plan is important to have in place.

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